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LIV Your Life Dragonboat Fundraiser in Victoria

If you’re a woman, you can probably remember how scared you felt when your first period came. Despite having heard about it from your mother, an older sister or school, you never really know how it’ll feel until it happens.

Red Flower

Red Flower by Ahmed ElHusseiny

Fortunately, in the West, we have the advantage of education and access to the necessities that let us lead our life normally while we are menstruating. However, this is not the case for everyone in the world:

Without the resources to take care of themselves while menstruating, girls in Africa miss 5-7 days of school per month and stop going to school and get pregnant. This keeps the cycle of uneducated women, disempowered and with no voice.

It is a shame that something as simple as a normal, healthy biological function causes harm to girls and young women all over the world.

On July 28th at Go Rowing and Paddling (at the Selkirk Waterfront), there will be a dragonboat race fundraiser comprised of 18 teams of 20 girls who collected pledges to buy Lunapad menstruation kits for girls in Africa, which cost 5$ each.

Come watch the exciting race supporting this great cause on Saturday, July 28th at the rowing club at Selkirk Waterfront. You can find more information about Little Goddess Entreprises and the LIV Your Life Project here.


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