For me, anger like a fire suddenly lighting up inside. I can’t control its ignition nor its extinction. It flares up, an explosion of emotions inside my chest that expands out to my legs, then my hands, then my head.

My anger is physical. It makes my feet tap. It makes my fists clench. It gives me this itch, everywhere, to kick, punch, scream.

But it’s not appropriate to show anger in public. So no matter how much it itches, you can’t kick, punch, scream your way to relief.

Anger burns the oxygen inside me. It makes me breathless, makes me feel confined inside my own body. I can go outside, I can try to breathe, but it’s inside that I’m choking. My body works fine, and yet there is no air inside.

And then, as quickly as it came, it burns out, leaving smoldering embers where my heart should be. I am given a temporary reprieve, but until I deal with the cause of the anger, it might flare up again.


Anger, by Zorin Denu

It’s hard to find the meaning in anger. It seems like an irrational, overpowering emotion that needs to be contained.

But anger is there for a reason. It’s telling you that there’s something, about you or about your environnement, that you need to pay attention to.

Listen to your anger. Don’t let the embers under seemingly calm ashes burn you again.

How does anger feel to you? How do you quell it?


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