I am an effing superstar

A Street Called Awesome

A Street Called Awesome by moonlightbulb on Flickr.

Short post to whet your appetite!

So, since March, I’ve been working at a 40-hour-a-week job. I’ve also been taking an online course. And grading 2 sections of a writing course, which means about 50 students.

Well people: IT CAN BE DONE. IT HAS BEEN DONE. I am exhausted, but I AM DONE.

This means that I can do anything I friggin want in this life. Seriously. No more excuses. 3 summer courses? Bring them on! Developing a communication business? No biggie! Reading and writing more? Why not! Losing 30 pounds? Easy!

Maybe it’s the elation of finally being finished the grading, but I FEEL AWESOME.

I also haven’t eaten anything in 5 hours.


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