Pizzeria Prima Strada, Burnside

I work in a rather industrial area of Victoria, in between a junkyard, the City of Victoria roadworks depot and the fancy Selkirk Waterfront. The (few) restaurant options nearby are: Glo, Sol Foods, Fresh Café, Subway, Tim Horton’s, Golden Gate and, hidden in a corner of Bridge near Garbally, Pizza Prima Strada.

I usually only have 30 minutes for lunch (I know, too short, right?), but this time we took a bit longer as we bid a colleague goodbye. So we went to the best option around: Prima Strada.

I’d never really taken the time because I’m always too rushed during lunch time, but I’ll be sure to stop by more often from now on. Going to the Burnside Prima Strada is an interesting experience: you enter an industrial space with an open kitchen behind the counter, you order at the counter, they give you a number and you go sit wherever there is space.

Lampshades recalling the industrial area

The restaurant is filled with big, heavy oak tables that give it a communal cafeteria feel. You can sit alone at one of the small tables or bar tables near windows, or you can join a group at the big, 12-people ones. You can make new friends or stay on your own; it’s your choice.

Prima Strada has a set menu of pizzas, as well as two daily pizzas, one daily pasta and one or two daily sandwiches. The day I went, the pasta was mussels with a wine sauce. I don’t often have the chance to eat seafood, so I jumped on the occasion.

Lots of mussels!

The pasta was fresh made, there were plenty of mussels and the sauce was nothing short of delicious. It was a tomato sauce with wine and garlic… lots of it. And I love garlic. The portion was perfect for lunch, not big enough to make you sleepy but big enough to fill you up for the afternoon.

An empty plate and a happy Ana!

The prices are quite decent: around 10$ for the pasta, and between 7 and 12$ for pizzas, depending on the size and flavour. I haven’t tried the pizza, but I heard it’s amazing. It’s on my must list now, because just reading the ingredients on the board made my mouth water!

Happily, you don’t have to be in Burnside to eat at Prima Strada. They also have another one down in Cook Street Village, a short walk from downtown.

Pizzera Prima Strada

2960 Bridge Street
Victoria, BC Canada
view google map

230 Cook Street
Victoria, BC Canada
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3 responses to “Pizzeria Prima Strada, Burnside

  1. I love Prima Strada (and I’ve reviewed it on my site before!) I wonder where exactly you work that you can access Prima Strada walking. It’s kind of a residential neighbourhood isn’t it?

  2. So happy you love our Rock Bay location! You definitely have to try the pizza sometime, but I understand it can be hard when the pasta & paninos are so delicious. Thanks to the support from you and your co-workers we are able to make high quality food in a converted garage! I love it!

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