The Hive hair salon, Victoria

On the day of my birthday, I treated myself to a much-needed haircut. After a few requests on Twitter, I was referred to The Hive salon in downtown Victoria.

I once read somewhere (it must have been an older version of the Ocean Island Hostel guide) that there are probably more hairdressers per capita in Victoria than anywhere else in Canada. If you’ve ever walked through downtown Victoria, you’ll get their gist: there are probably more salons than there are clothing stores. This town certainly isn’t in need of good hairstylists.

This isn’t a review of the haircut (even though I am very happy with it!). I just found the place amazingly quirky, feminine and awesome. The salon is filled with antique furniture, old hairstyling accessories and a bunch of accessories and products for sale.

Here’s the salon space, with high ceiling and bare brick wall:


An old blowdryer:


Tea or coffee from the cutest little cupboard:


Worthy of a lady’s dresser:


I must say that the service was excellent and I loved my haircut. Christina did a great job with my thin and rather limp hair. They even offer complimentary bang trimmings!

The Hive hair salon
714 Cormorant St., Victoria
They even have a blog!

Disclaimer: I paid for my haircut and wasn’t asked to write a post in any way. I just wanted to share a great spot in Victoria for some great haircare. Opinions are always my own.


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