Finding the Right Bra

Curvy girls need chest love too. Elomi Caitlyn in sapphire. Model available at Victoria Classic Lingerie.

Now don’t get too excited. There won’t be any bra-clad pictures of me in this post. Enjoy this photo of a model instead.

You may remember my rant to the fashion world. There is a problem with the fashion outlets in this country. In Europe, they found a great way to cater to big-boobed girls… but that’s another post.

In any case, sick of living in my now too-small lululemon sports bras (my recent weight gain turned my DD cup into a G cup) and coming home with chafed shoulders and a painful bust, I needed help, and fast. After a quick Google search on places in Victoria that do bra fittings, I discovered this little hidden gem: Victoria Classic Lingerie on Fort at Linden.

A failed attempt to visit on Saturday (they are closed during holiday weekends) didn’t detract me from visiting after work today. The lovely Kirsten helped me find the perfect bra for my new size with humour, care and discretion. They have a great selection of bras for us curvy girls and even for the smaller ladies out there. They take the time to fit you to the right size (I must have tried 7-8 different bras) and to give you fitting and wearing tips. They also have great accessories like silicone pads and just regular nightwear as well.

Victoria Classic Lingerie is the only spot in Victoria that I know offers sizes up to K in certain models. Trust the advice of a girl whose daily comfort depends mostly on her bra: once you get a bra that fits you perfectly from a professional fitter, you’ll never go back to mass bra retailers that will remain nameless.

Victoria Classic Lingerie
1181 Fort Street (at Linden Ave)
Hours: 10h to 5h30, Monday to Saturday
ViCLingerie on Twitter
Victoria Classic Lingerie on Facebook

P.S.: Did I mention there’s free 90-minute parking on Fort once you go past Linden? Don’t pay for parking lower down the hill!



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5 responses to “Finding the Right Bra

  1. I could use better bras. I need something that can hold my DD’s that doesn’t look like a nursing bra.

    • Anabelle

      I’ve learned with experience that unfortunately, support only comes with more fabric. Forget about balcony and demis–unless you have unusually firm and perky breasts (which I know happens in bigger sizes but is rare), you will end up with a quadruple boob, a strap that rides up the back and very, very painful shoulders.

      Embrace the parachute, at least for your daily comfort. And some of them are actually pretty, even if they aren’t the sexy lacy stuff of Victoria’s Secret catalogues. Yes, they cover up a lot, but it’s better than pain on a daily basis.

      • TruE! thankfully, I’m at the point where I’m just looking for sag prevention. My boobs have only recently become this large(from gaining weight in a pretty quick amount of time:() so they are still super perky. I just want something age appropriate and useful at the same time.

      • Anabelle

        Just go to a professional lingerie store (NOT VS). European brands like Elomi, Fantasie, Freya and Curvy Kate are favourites. You’ll probably do well in Curvy Kate or Freya; they are very pretty bras that you’ll want to wear :)

      • This is great! thank you so much for the advice! I’ll see if they have any of those stores by me:)

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