Scintilla project day 1: Who are you?

Things in the blogging world spread quickly and there’s a new blogging project starting today: the Scintilla project. If you remember my Reverb posts, this is kind of an offspring: three bloggers made friends through Reverb and began this new project.

I know I haven’t been very chatty lately–what with the new job, the grading and the PR course, I barely have time to sleep. But I wanted to spend a bit of time reconnecting with my blog and my writing, so you’ll have a daily post for the next two weeks!


Today I want to answer the first question of the prompt: “Who are you?”

I am a being of extremes.

I have two tattoos on my shoulder blades: an Aries and a Cancer symbol. My belief in astrology comes and goes, but how these two symbols represent me never changes.

I want travel; I want to put down roots. I want to live in a cabin in the middle of the woods; I want a downtown condo. I want to be independent and free; I want to be attached to a family. I want to be a starving writer; I want to be an affluent professional. I’m selfish; I’m generous. I am something; I am its opposite.

I am that cheesy wind thingy on top of old barns: I change directions at the whim of the weather.

Freelancer, I wanted the stability of a job; now salaried, I want my freelancer freedom back. I once said I would never go back home; now all I want to is hop on a plane and live in Rosemont writing novels.

To be honest, the only thing I really know about myself is that I never know who I am. My desires, my goals, my life: I’ve changed all of them so many times. Who am I? Today I am a sulky corporate cog; tomorrow I may be an optimistic bohemian.

I am fire: capricious and destructive, but through which renewal often comes. I am water: fluid and deferential, but that can erode the hardest rock.



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13 responses to “Scintilla project day 1: Who are you?

  1. This is awesome and so what I wrote of in my post today. We are so much more than the facts and you’ve captured it brilliantly.

  2. Sister, you are speaking my language! :)

  3. I am nominating this post. That is how much I loved it.

  4. This: “I want travel; I want to put down roots. I want to live in a cabin in the middle of the woods; I want a downtown condo.” Exactly this. Beautiful post.

  5. jasonsbrain

    This post is wonderful, it is so hard to pinpoint who we are, and I think you did it by saying exactly what everyone feels. Who we are isn’t a constant, but always evolves with our moods or the changing of the weather.

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  7. This post has been nominated for the Favorite Responses of the Scintilla Project. The permalink is here: Congratulations!

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