Employment–at last!

There are things that happen when they must. These last few months have tried my patience beyond anything I’ve ever had to deal with before. But finally, patience has been rewarded (along with a lot of time spent praying to those watching over me).

After three interviews, a translation test, a reference check and five days of waiting, I finally received a job offer. In Victoria. In a position that I am skilled for an interested in doing as a profession.

Which is weird, because I rejected this profession when I started my degree at Concordia. I doubt I would have found this position (and would have lived in such a beautiful place) had I followed through with my first impulse, but it seems that all the roads lead to Rome after all.

So, no more moaning about not getting called back or scrunging for clients or doing terrible work just for the pay. I will do the writing I want, use my French on a daily basis and generally be gainfully employed communicating messages to people in their own language. Which is awesome and meaningful, in its own way.

Oh, and it comes with a salary, vacation and a benefit package. But that’s just the icing on the cake!


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