Sober February–A Sobering Challenge

So I saw this hashtag on Twitter, #SoberFebruary.

wine and cork

Without being an alcoholic, I’ve been drinking way too much for my own liking, lately. December was a train wreck, and January was better but I still didn’t like how much I drank. With a liquor store across the road, it’s just too easy to just get a bottle on nights when I am bored or upset. But not anymore.

I’ve been sober since Sunday, but because this is the first of the month, I’ve decided to stay the course and try to be sober for the rest of the month. It’ll also help a lot with my calorie intake. Did you know that 4 ounces of wine is about 100 calories?

So here I am, pledging that I will not touch alcohol for the next month. Yes, it’s the shortest month of the year, but it’s still symbolic. I want to feel energetic when I wake up in the morning, not the hungover sluggishness that is too frequent these days.

Have you ever tried to remain sober for an extended period of time? How did you do?

Photo by umami on Flickr. Caption doesn’t seem to work this morning.


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  1. I often forget about alcohol for weeks at a time. I tend to drink when I am socializing at an event where there is alcohol, or at a restaurant with friends or colleagues, but rarely otherwise. Of course I have other weaknesses, just not alcohol.

    I think Sober February is a good idea – it allows you to think through exactly what role you want alcohol to play in your life.

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