My First Draft

I’ve decided to spend a little time dabbling into fiction, to see if I can catch the writing bug.

I mean, I do have the writing bug. I write all the time, and I think about writing when I’m not actually typing or writing words. But I haven’t touched fiction much, and it scares me a little.

As a person trained in literature, it’s intimidating to touch upon something that I studied for so long and hold in such high esteem. I’ve read so many great books and I don’t feel like I can measure up to them.

So here I am, with a terrible first draft (and all first drafts of fiction are terrible, I hear) and an idea that I know could be good.

My main issue is the age old issue of “show, don’t tell”. My academic training leads me to explain as much as I can in a dry, straight-to-the-point way. I need to start focusing on senses and feelings inside rather than description. Switching to storytelling mode is proving to be a challenge, but as I have learned the academic format, I’m sure I can learn how to write a compelling story.

Do you have any “show, don’t tell” tips to share?


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  1. My writing, too, has all been non-fiction. I can relate to your desire to get past the barrier to write fiction.

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