That Nesting Thing

Are you still here?

Well, if you are, thanks for sticking around. I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I’ve gotten you used to frequent postings, and now I’m leaving you with barely a post a week. I’m sorry about that.

I’ve just been nesting. A lot. I’ve been out of the house for things other than groceries three times since I came back from Victoria. And you know what? It feels awesome.

But I want to start coming out of my shell now, even though I want to do it on my terms. While I was exploring with a general blog type thing, I think it’s high time I specialize and find some kind of focus, otherwise I’m just going to keep floating in that nest and never write much on here. I paid for the damn domain name, might as well use it!

So now I’m asking YOU: what did you enjoy reading the most during the fall? What features would you like to see me focus on? Help me out so I can bring you the content you love.




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2 responses to “That Nesting Thing

  1. I think you should at least occasionally write about writing and how you find material to write about in your adopted city of Vancouver and how you perhaps sustain yourself as a writer creatively and otherwise. I think that your blog however has been interesting whatever you chose to discuss.

    • Anabelle

      I do try to write about writing :) I’m writing a book about writing right now, so it’s very much on my mind.

      How I sustain myself as a writer… excellent idea! It’s an interesting topic.

      Thanks for the nice words and I hope you keep reading and commenting :)

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