New Direction

Along with all the soul-searching happening right now, I’m rethinking this blog. I need to go back to my intellectual habits, and so this blog will become a bit more personal as a result.


Things I am not: a foodie, a socialite, a journalist.

I like food like everyone, but one, I can’t afford restaurants (money-sucker that those are, especially here) and two, I’m really not that interested.

As I have explained earlier, I’m also not a socialite. I’m an introvert, and it’s high time I assume and embrace that. Thanks to Introvert Power, I’ve realized that there is beauty and worth in solitude.

I’ve thought about journalism, shortly. I gave up because one, I already owe way too much money to do a second MA and two, I don’t think I need to do another degree to be able to write. I just need to write more, in different genres and about different topics.

Things I am: a reader, a thinker, a writer.

During my Christmas vacation, I spent at least three days in a row just reading all day, sitting down on the couch with L. There’s something about this shared but individual experience that made me realize that I’ve been keeping away from books for way too long, maybe because I was exhausted from them when I came out of my PhD.

I like to think. I like to reflect on things I read and learn other points of view and develop arguments in my head. I love being challenged with new theories and concepts. This was the great thing about graduate school. The not-so-great thing was having to regurgitate it all way too fast and in prescribed format, but that’s another story. Anyway. The buzz of this fall kept me too distracted from thinking.

And writing is part of my thinking process. Without writing, I can’t figure out my position on an argument or an issue. I can’t work through the kinks and knots in my mind, as Peter Elbow would call them. So, giving up on the job market is a way for me to go back to writing. And this single realization, right here, right now, makes me want to write so much.

I don’t know what this blog will look like in a week or even a month from now, but I do hope you’ll stick around. Your insights are always appreciated!



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2 responses to “New Direction

  1. Hi Anabelle,

    I’ve also had a more introverted 2012 than 2011 so far, for a variety of reasons, and it’s been totally enjoyable. I am thinking that with all the stuff I want to learn in 2012, more introversion might be required.

    But one thing I would suggest is to embrace a flexibility about what you can be or are. You might not be primarily a journalist, socialite, foodie, arts reviewer, wine expert, or whatever, but you can still play those roles whenever you feel like doing so. There’s no need to rule out much of anything, even if it doesn’t become your full-time vocation.

    • Anabelle

      True. I’m not saying I’ll never ever go to a party again, but I realized that I find no joy in them if they are every week. I think that right now I need to focus on what’s already strong in me, instead of spreading myself thin trying to be something I’m not.

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