In Praise of Silence

Yes, I do owe you some apologies for the quietness of the past month.

It’s not you, it’s me.

Being away for three weeks, mostly taking care of the house, cooking, and reading, made me realize something again. I’m not a social butterfly. Every time I dive in social waters, I come out panting and exhausted. I never learn.

It’s not that I don’t want to see people. I just don’t want to see so many at the same time, and so often. I’m always happy with a quiet coffee or dinner with one or two close friends. But this social whirlwind I’ve been flying in during the fall just isn’t… me.

minimalistic white idol in black background

By calliope_Muse on Flickr

I’m the shy one, the solitary one, the introverted one. The one who feels more comfortable writing emails or texts than calling. The one who needs a social lubricant to be able to function in crowd, and honestly would rather just be home with a good book. The one whose idea of a great weekend is splurging on TV and wine with her love.

And honestly, I like my pajamas way too much to leave them that often. Do you realize how much you can save in laundry by going out of the house only once or twice a week? A lot!

But, seriously.

It’s not that I don’t want to be with you. On the contrary. I want to get to know you, and I can’t do that if there’s a bunch of people talking loudly around us, and other people “I should totally meet” competing for my attention. I’m already too distracted as it is with all the crazy thoughts going around in my head.

So, Vancouver, I’m here for another 7 weeks or so, and then I’m heading to your quieter cousin down on the island. Would you like to get a coffee?



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3 responses to “In Praise of Silence

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  2. Let’s have coffee or dinner before you go! I have several Groupon-like things to use up, or Entertainment Book options (I bought one this year).

    Like I said before, there’s no need to commit to being one way about socialization. We’re all works in progress, and can keep on trying different things out.

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