Reverb11 Day 14: Learning Gratitude

What five (5) things are you most grateful for from 2011?

This year has been one for learning a lot about gratitude. I’m not ungrateful per se, but I always have had problems expressing it. I almost lost the love of my life because of this, and I have been slowly learning to show my gratitude whenever I feel it.

1. His forgiveness. I broke his heart twice this year, and yet he forgives. I can hardly imagine anything I am more grateful for than his love for me and his ability to forgive me over and over again.

2. Family. Even though they are far, I know my family is always here for me, no matter what. My mom would jump on a plane without hesitation if I needed her.

3. New friends. Vancouver is sometimes cold and superficial, but some of its people are so warm and welcoming. I’m so glad I found some of the nicest people in Vancouver.

4. Old friends. Old friends bring continuity to my life. They show me where I have been and help me point out where I might be going. They are just wonderful and I’m grateful to still be able to call them my friends.

5. Clients. It seems awfully self-serving, but I’m grateful for my clients who give me work month after month. I couldn’t have survived without them and I couldn’t be more picky with my jobs without the ability to still survive without one.

There’s nothing extraordinary about this list, but I think that these things are the pillars of my life right now. Sometimes it feels like a fragile castle of cards (is that what they say in English?) (edit: oh right, they say “house of cards”) that would tumble down if any of them was taken away.


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  1. A;ine

    for sure I would …no doubt….. I will always be there for my wonderfull daughter…no matter what …Love you….xoxoxoxoxo

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