Reverb11 Day 10: Beautiful

Describe a moment of beauty that you witnessed this year.

I must admit it’s hard to say. I think I must have thought about beauty more than joy on my previous Reverb post about joy

I’m very touched by majestic landscapes such as Vancouver’s because I come from such a flat place. And now my brain wants to go back to Kantian or Schopenhauerian notions of beauty to try and find something or talk about beauty philosophically. But I won’t let my liberal-arts trained (and very good at remembering random things) mind to go there today.

I think this must be one of my favourite pictures I’ve taken all year.

I’m starting to love English Bay more than Coal Harbour because of the way light hits it in the summer. It’s a perfect sunset, every time.

One day this summer, I had to go take a long walk and reflect on something very important. So I decided to go to English bay to see the joggers and the dogs and the tourists and the guitar players on the beach. I even went in the water and walked barefoot in the sand.

Walking along the seawall, I saw this and had to stop. What makes this place so hard to forget is its landscape, and born Vancouverites who’ve never left don’t understand why people like me stand in such awe of it.

So, this might not be grandiose beauty, but it’s probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life.


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  1. It seems like you had an abundance of beauty in your year. I am a big fan of the beach and live minutes away from several, it truly is magnificent. Thanks for sharing.

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