Finding the Best Poutine in Vancouver — Dunn’s Famous

When I went to the opening of Dunn’s Famous, I had the chance to taste a bit of poutine and some of their smoked meat. And then I promised I would go soon to try a full-size portion of the poutine for my search.

Well, so I did, and here is my review!


Fries: Excellent. Hand-cut and freshly fried. They were probably the best part.

Cheese: They were real cheese curds, but not fresh of the day. But then again, it has to do with this province, not with the restaurant!

Gravy: I remember liking the gravy back at the opening; it had a hint of spice that I particularly enjoyed. However, this time, it was a bit too sweet and it drowned out the interesting spiciness.

Final grade: Better than others I’ve tried because of the fresh fries, but not as good as La Belle Patate. 6/10.



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3 responses to “Finding the Best Poutine in Vancouver — Dunn’s Famous

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  2. Lisa

    Yes, the only way to get the fresh cheese curds is to go to Armstrong where they make them. That’s the only place I have ever found them squeaky — but it’s not a big poutine town! You’d think we could get them same day, it’s not that far from here! I’m betting they could make them on the dairy farms on the island as well.

    • Anabelle

      You’d think it is, since the poutine festival was sold out and ran out of ingredients about halfway through the free part.

      I heard La Belle Patate sells the cheese on its own too… but maybe it comes from Armstrong, I don’t know. I’m lucky/unlucky in that my childhood home is about a 15-minute walk away from a small cheese factory that supplies fresh curds, every morning, to corner stores and groceries in about a 50km radius. When I used to work at a Mac’s (Couche-Tard back home), I would buy a fresh bag every shift–and on the morning shift, they would still be warm.

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