Pourhouse in Gastown (review)

Where do you go for a quiet drink with a friend on a Monday night?

In a desire to explore the offerings of this city, we decided on Pourhouse in Gastown.

The concept of Pourhouse is to bring back the ambiance of the 20s speakeasy. The staff is dressed appropriately and the place is covered in cozy antique-looking tables and wingback chairs.

We weren’t really hungry, so we ordered the charcuterie platter for an evening snack.


The sausage selection was good and it was just the right amount of snacking for two people.

Along with the platter, I tried one of their signature drinks called 20th Century. For a gin-based drink, it was absolutely delicious! They don’t really carry vodka in an attempt to remain authentic to the tastes and products of the 1920s, but the 20th Century will fulfill any martini drinker’s cravings.

And then we fell for dessert. I had the crème brûlée and Lauren the lemon meringue pie. Both were delicious. There was bits of ground vanilla in the crème brûlée, and the burnt crust was crunchy to perfection.


The only surprise in this evening was the bill–at 12$ per drink, it went up really quickly. But I’m warned for next time!

This is a great place for a romantic date or catching up quietly with a friend. It was quiet because it was Monday, but I’m sure it gets pretty busy on a Thursday night or on weekends. But the drinks are fabulous!


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