Prestons at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel (review)

Back in October, I had the chance to attend the launch of the fall menu at Prestons.

Prestons recently had a a social-media fueled promotion where new followers to their Facebook page received a 20$ gift certificate. After spending the afternoon at the East Side Culture Crawl, Lois and I decided we would go to Prestons for a quiet Sunday dinner.

Even though the restaurant looked a bit different post-party, I still recognized the place and some of the staff. It’s a warm, modern decor that just makes you want to cozy up with some good food and one of those martinis they make so well.

I tasted a bunch of different dishes back in October, but I couldn’t really spend time with any of them. I decided to go light and order the pad thai, along with their delicious French martini. Lois had the osso bucco.


The pad thai was spicy, but not too much. I liked the crunchy veggies! The noodles were fresh and perfectly cooked. The plate was a bit skimpy on shrimp (but they were big), but there was tofu and scrambled eggs to compensate. There was just the right amount of sauce that it didn’t drown out the meal. I really liked it.

The French martini was exactly what I remembered: light, fresh and frothy. It’s definitely a drink to go back for!

And then, thanks to social media, we ended up getting a complimentary dessert to share. Go Twitter!

If you go to Prestons, I suggest you follow them on Twitter beforehand. You might get a surprise too, and their customer service is excellent.

This is another restaurant that I can’t afford all the time, but it’s definitely a good one if you’re in the area and for special occasions. I still have my 20$ gift certificate that I haven’t used…


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