Wine Wednesdays: Gray Monk Riesling

I got some nice comments about my first installment of Wine Wednesdays, so I’ll keep on doing it for a while :) Always happy to try new wines for my readers!

The other day, I stopped by this specialized wine store in Kensington Square. It only sells BC wines. The staff seems very knowledgeable (they taste all the wines in the store) and the lady guided me to a wine I might like. I was looking for something sweet, a white or a rosé.

She suggested the Gray Monk Riesling, a wine with golden tones and smelling of citrus (especially lime) and orchard fruit.


I especially liked its spicy tones, which would work well with curries or even sushi (ooh! great idea). The finish is quite tangy and lingers for a while, too.

I liked this wine enough, but this Riesling is a bit dry for my taste. I like my wines more on the sweet side. I’m not such a fan of spicy foods either, so while I like a spicy taste, I don’t like when it stays for too long. Maybe I just didn’t have the right food to go with it, or didn’t describe my tastes well enough to the nice lady at the store.

So if you like spicy foods and the wines that go with them, Gray Monk Riesling is an excellent choice. At 17$, it’s also a good budget pick for an elegant wine. And it’s also a local product from the Okanagan, so you’re also encouraging the BC wine economy!


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