Memorable Wines (app review)

So it’s Tech Thursday again and I want to tell you about a nifty little app I’ve had for a while–and never used until last week.IMG_0423

Enter Memorable Wines by Memorable Apps, a great app to remember the wines you taste. (They also have one for meals and one for beers.)

Since I’ve decided to review the wines I taste, I thought I would start using Memorable Wines to store pictures and information about them while waiting for next Wine Wednesday. MemWines lets you store all the basic info about your wine: color, winery, varietal, vintage and appellation. You can also add a photo, a voice memo and tasting notes. You can also tag it by occasion: at home, in a restaurant, in a winery, etc… There’s even a “Try it” tag for the wines you eventually want to try.

IMG_0424The design of the app is simple but elegant. It’s really easy to navigate, too. When you have a good number of wines stored, you can sort them by type (Red, white, rosé, sparkling and dessert) to see just those in one category. Since I only have 3 wines in there I haven’t had to use that function yet, but I assume it’s going to be handy when my collection grows. There’s also a search bar if you’re looking for a specific brand or winery.

I can see this app being useful as much for amateur wine tasters as professional ones. The voice memo is an especially useful function for wine tastings, where pencils and notepads aren’t really practical.

(And now, you have a sneak peek of the next two wines on my review list!)

Memorable Wines (and all other Memorable apps) goes for 1.99$ in the App Store. And they are working on a new one, Memorable Crafts…


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