Wine Wednesday: Finca los Primos Torrontes

I still don’t really know much about wine, but I’m trying to expand my palate and try new things beyond my usual two or three kinds of rosé.

In this spirit, I want to start trying new wines and telling you about them. And I will make the same statement every time: I’m in no way a wine expert. I don’t know the vocabulary or the specifics of grapes and soil and all that other stuff. So the opinion you’ll get here is the opinion of an ordinary person who’s just starting to explore the world of wines.

This week’s wine is a first try: The 2011 Finca los Primos Torrontes from San Rafael wineries.


I’d never heard of Torrontes before, and with good reason: it’s a grape that grows almost exclusively in Argentina, but with some varieties in Chile and Spain (Wikipedia, Torrontés).

Since it was my first try with this variety, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. It has a pale color, more on the yellow side than golden.

This Torrontes is a spicy, citrusy wine that isn’t too sweet and would work perfectly with spicy asian food (think butter chicken or thai curry!). There’s a taste of cinnamon and cardamom that would make it perfect with Indian dishes. It’s complex enough to be interesting, but not too much that it becomes overwhelming.

Next time I make butter chicken (gosh, it’s been a while!), I’ll make sure to pick up this bottle. The price tag is around 12$; not too bad for an interesting, unusual wine like this.


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