Cento Notti at Opus Hotel (review)

As a rule, I don’t tend to go to hotel restaurants unless I’m actually staying at the hotel and am too lazy to go anywhere else. However, on November 16th I attended the Social Media Club Vancouver Pub Night at the Cento Notti, the new restaurant of the Opus Hotel in Yaletown.IMG_0403

The evening was awesome just because I was with awesome people from Vancouver’s social media world. But I also had the chance to taste some of the restaurant’s Italian food offerings.

I started my dinner with the special martini of the night. I don’t remember the name or what it was made of (there was something about fancy honey), but it was delicious. Any candy-rimmed drink is awesome in my book!

IMG_0406For dinner I decided to go simple with the spaghetti bolognese (which ended up being penne because I chose the gluten-free option). God, am I going to miss regular pasta… Anyway. I’ll focus on the sauce! The sauce was a bit spicy for my taste, but it was good otherwise. The meat didn’t overpower the rest of the sauce, and the blue cheese crumble was a nice addition. I enjoyed it!

To top off an already wonderful evening, the social media guy of the hotel offered the group plates with one of each of the desserts: a tiramisu, a chocolate mousse, a lemon tart and a warm cookie. It seems like the warm cookie with vanilla gelato (bottom one on the picture) was a hit with most people at the event; I had a bite despite the presence of wheat (oh well!) but I focused on the chocolate mousse, which was creamy and chocolatey and delicious.


Because it’s a bit expensive for my currently strained budget, I wouldn’t come out here every week, but I would definitely stop by once in a while for a special occasion. The room was warm and inviting and the decor was really interesting–a mix of traditional and modern that really catches the eye.

Disclaimer: I went to Cento Notti for SMCYVR and I paid for my drink and my pasta; the desserts were complimentary. I wasn’t expected to write a review.


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