Dunn’s Famous in Vancouver

On November 15th, there were two events happening more or less at the same time: Wines of Chile and the opening of Dunn’s Famous new Vancouver restaurant.

Even though I wasn’t actually invited to the opening, I have wonderful social media friends (thanks Marc, Cathy, Gus, and of course Raul!) who were able to get me in.

Man, did I need this. I can’t go back home (job search obliges) but I’ve been missing it a lot. But there’s nothing like some food from your hometown to perk you up a little!

The restaurant featured their famous smoked meat, as well as poutine and carrot cake. I didn’t have carrot cake because I’ve recently decided to give up wheat (oh my!), but I had some smoked meat and, of course, the poutine!


Some people said the smoked meat was a little dry, but it just means it’s leaner, which I appreciate. There’s nothing worse than too much grease to ruin a good smoked meat sandwich.

I actually really liked the poutine, especially the gravy. It had just a touch of spice to differentiate it from others I’ve had here, and wasn’t too heavy. And I can’t put the blame on the slightly too old cheese (too old as in past the squeaky stage, not too old as in past its date) on the restaurant; this province obviously doesn’t produce much cheese curds, and finding good providers (and rotating the stock on a daily basis) must be difficult.

I’ll be heading to Dunn’s some time soon to have a full size poutine and write a full-fledged review. For now, though, you can always go and try it yourself, and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: Marc of Amuse Events invited me and others to join him at the opening of Dunn’s Famous BC. The food was free, but I wasn’t expected to write anything about it. I just love to share my impressions and suggestions with you!


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