Musical Games for iPad

I’m a sucker for musical games. I used to be a musician in high school (flute) but I don’t play anymore. However, I’m a fan of rhythm games like Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS, Dance Dance Revolution (I have a version for the Wii), and Just Dance 2.

However, there are a lot of good musical games to play on the iPad, and I’ve been checking out some of them lately. Here are three favourites.

Tap Tap Radiation

I’ve already mentioned Tap Tap Revenge in an earlier post, but I haven’t talked much about its iPad iteration, Tap Tap Radiation. It’s the same principle–three bubbles to touch in rhythm with the music. However, the bubbles move around and the game takes full advantage of the iPad screen.

The only issue I have with Tap Tap Radiation is that you can’t get new songs just by playing, like with Tap Tap Revenge. You need to buy new songs if you want them. At least there’s one new free song every week with the iPhone game.


Pulse is an absolutely gorgeous musical rhythm game that’s much more difficult than it seems. Notes appear around a pulsing circle that indicates the rhythm of the game; it’s like playing the notes directly on a musical score. Hitting a note at the right time will release a pulse of beautiful cat paw, leaves or stars… whatever the song calls for.

Even the easy-level songs are quite challenging, I find. The music is original and ambient. I wish I could play the same song at different difficult levels, but there are enough songs to keep you busy for a while. And since it’s called “Volume 1”, I suspect there’s a “Volume 2” in the works!


Fractal isn’t exactly a music game, but music plays an interesting part in it. Fractal is a puzzle game in the “connect 4” genre. It’s actually quite interesting and sometimes even difficult. You can play several modes (campaign, arcade, etc) for a different type of game.

Basically, there’s an ambient techno score that slows down as you approach the end of your “pushes” (turns). I’ve only started playing it but it’s got me really addicted, whether I want to spend an hour pondering over a puzzle or mindless push during a 5-minute break.

Do you know a good musical game for iPad? I’m always open for suggestions!


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