REVS Burnaby Health Club–My New Gym

It got colder and rainier and I stopped running outside (I wasn’t doing that well anyway). So I’d been looking to join a gym lately, but none of it was close enough to my taste; having no job for the moment, there’s no reason for me to travel really far just to go to a gym.

So I was getting a bit desperate, until I decided to look up the Health Club section of REVS Burnaby.

Yeah, it’s a bowling alley complex. No, it’s not a super fancy gym with state of the art equipment and stuff. It’s an unpretentious, un-fancy old school gym with a few treadmills, bikes, ellipticals and steppers and a small weight room without a ton of crazy machines. The cardio machines are a bit old with one or two more recent ones, but as long as they work, who cares? There’s a few squash and racquetball courts and even some aerobics and martial arts classes.

It’s 35$ a month, no contract required and you even get a parking pass for free (it’s right next to Holdom station). You also get free towel service. This morning at 8AM it was super quiet, with a few older ladies and one or two guys, a student and one retired gentleman.

I like it because nobody cares that I’m 150 pounds or run at just 4.5 MPH. People were actually friendly and I don’t feel judged or part of a meat market.

So if you live in the area and feel like joining a small, quiet and unpretentious gym right next to the Skytrain station, you should probably look it up! There’s even a resto/bar upstairs that’s open later in the day.

Disclaimer: I just joined the gym this morning and felt like telling you about it. I’m not getting paid or otherwise compensated for this feature. I paid for my own membership.


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