Happy Hour at Goldfish Pacific Kitchen (review)

I have a love/hate relationship with Yaletown.

I love its upscale atmosphere, unique restaurants and amazing boutiques (ask my boyfriend about the hat store on Hamilton!). I’ve always had a soft spot for places where you need to dress nicely and where you feel special. Back in Montréal, I used to love treating myself to nice meals in upscale restaurants once in a while, just to feel part of the “in” crowd.

However, Yaletown has a lot to learn from even the fanciest Montréal spots’ welcoming attitude. Yaletown has a snobbish, “if you don’t live here you suck” kind of vibe that puts me off most of the time. Where in Montréal nobody cares about what you do or where you’re from, as long as you respect the vibe of the place, Yaletown seems to want to impose its own rules without giving space for variety (outside of the yuppie one).

But I digress.

When my new Vancouver friends Dianne Chow and Cathy Browne opened an invitation for happy hour at Goldfish Pacific Kitchen last Friday, I couldn’t pass it up. First, despite my distaste of the Yaletown attitude, I still enjoy getting good food, especially when in such excellent company. Second, when you spend most of your time cooped up in front of a computer in your office (that is really your bedroom a)ll week, social interaction is a welcome respite, wherever it is.

So, when other plans fell through on Friday night, I quickly made my way to Goldfish for some 5$ wine and happy hour-priced appies.

Not only did I have a great time (and Dianne, Anita and I ended up bar hopping all over downtown looking for the best raspberry martini), but I also quite enjoyed my short time at Goldfish.
I wasn’t super hungry, so I just ordered the small Dim Sum plate for 3$. Two shrimp and two pork dumplings with just the right amount of sweet soy sauce and a little bowl of spicy sauce were exactly what I needed, and beautifully presented too. Accompanied by good Pinot Grigio (and the happy hour prices are awesome!), I had a great time in the restaurant’s window-front lounge.

Service was prompt and friendly, and our waitress was quick to rectify a mistake on our bills. Next time I’m looking for good seafood, I’ll definitely stop by Goldfish!



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2 responses to “Happy Hour at Goldfish Pacific Kitchen (review)

  1. I’ve been to their happy hour once, and I also loved it. I’m surprised you didn’t get their oysters though.

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