Aquaria for iPad (review)

Aquaria is an old-ish (2007) PC video game that was just transferred to the iPad and released this week. I got it on Friday, and I must say I am absolutely addicted now.

Aquaria is a traditional 2D action adventure game, the type that doesn’t get made much anymore. Set in a fantasy underwater land called, you guessed it, Aquaria, the game lets you control Naija, a fish/humanoid hybrid who’s about to lose her innocence.

Compelled by a desire to explore the world around her, Naija discovers a kingdom full of fallen races, evil gods and magic. Her power comes from something called “The Verse”, which lets her sing songs to bind objects or change her form. She visits old temples, lost cities and lush forests; she even ventures on dry land and in the deepest abyss of the ocean. Through her adventures she discovers who she is, learns about long-dead races and even makes new friends.

Screen capture from Bit Blot.

This game has great controls (very intuitive on the iPad) and using the Verse to change form is really quick and easy: just slide your finger across the notes to sing. Firing while in Energy form is as easy as tapping the screen with a second finger; the blasts find their own way to your enemies.

The music is absolutely wonderful and stays with you even long after you put it down; the graphics are complex and obviously done with a lot of care. It’s easy to get immersed in this beautiful world and forget everything else around you. There’s a lot of gameplay, but it’s not only about killing everything; in some areas you can just swim leisurely and enjoy the view and the music.

Although it’s easy enough for newbies to pick up, it’s also challenging enough for more experienced players. And at 4.99$, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t get it. I promise you, you will love it.


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