Today I Am Reading

Let go

Let go by Pinelife. On Flickr.


I’ve been spending so much time writing and grading and worrying about work that I have barely opened a book in weeks.

This morning during my freewriting session (something else I’m trying, warming up my brain every morning) I started writing about how I missed reading books all the time, no matter what kind, just reading.

Producing a lot of writing is good, but I feel I’m running out of fuel these days. Like all the timber that’s been accumulating in my brain has been burned. I need to recharge, to get rid of that pain my shoulders that’s been nagging me for a week (a hot yoga session tomorrow would be lovely) and lower my stress level. Reading is a way for me to rebuild my mind, to inspire me.

Like all the similar moments in my life when I feel like things are helpless, it’s when I start letting go that good things happen. So today I am letting go and doing something I enjoy.


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One response to “Today I Am Reading

  1. Good plan, I think.

    Of all writing tips, “read lots” is probably the best.

    The last epic I read–Peter Matthiessen’s Shadow Country–took me a year to finish, but it was a great exercise for my mind, with its complex relationships and variety of accents that rounded out the characters.

    I can’t ever see myself writing fiction, but reading it is a good change, not to mention escape from the familiar.

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