3 Things Knitting Taught Me About Writing

I haven’t been knitting that much lately because I’m so busy, but I do try to do a little once in a while. My collection is mostly comprised of lace shawls and scarves; I don’t really do sweaters because I’m scared of all the math.

In any case, there are a lot of parallels you can make between writing and knitting.

1. You need to prepare yourself

You can’t just start knitting. You need to choose a pattern, the right needles and the proper yarn. You need to take out any accessories you might need and keep them near you.

Most of the time, writing also requires preparation. Your pattern is your genre, your needles are your style and your yarn is your words. You also need to figure out your audience, their expectations and their knowledge: these are your tools.

If you’re prepared, you will have an easier time writing through the piece. Take the time to do the proper research; there’s nothing worse than running out of yarn because you miscalculated your yardage!

2. Don’t be afraid to frog

In knit-speak, frogging means un-knitting or ripping your piece. A lot of knitters hate frogging because it means going back on your work. However, frogging often means correcting mistakes and making a piece perfect.

In writing, you need to be ready to “frog” your pieces. You need to be willing to go back on sentences, paragraphs or sections and redo them entirely. It might seem depressing at first, but the final results might just be better.

3. Practice makes perfect

You don’t start knitting complex lace pieces on the first try. When I look at my first garter stitch scarf, I thought, “how could I have made mistakes like this?” I just got better at it, that’s all.

Writing is the same. The more you do it, the better you get at it. Early pieces might seem clumsy and awkward as you write more, but they are milestones on your path to better writing.

Do you knit? How does knitting relate to your writing?



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6 responses to “3 Things Knitting Taught Me About Writing

  1. I tried to knit once, it was laughable watching me do it. Needless to say, I quit. It wasn’t really my thing, but writing is! Great advice! Good luck knitting and writing ;)

    • Anabelle

      Thanks for dropping by!

      I was terrible at it at first… but I kept trying and now I’m pretty good. I don’t regret starting!

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  3. I learned to knit almost a year ago but never put it together with my love or writing. Words are my first love and yarn is my new love, so your post truly hit home for me. I’ve “frogged” many a blog post, some drafts never saw the light of day, but I’m that knitter that hates to frog. Now, I will view it as editing :)

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