Boss (tv review)

A rare and incurable brain disease. An ambitious journalist snooping too deep. A Native burial ground blocking the expansion of the O’Hare airport. Schools hiding mouldy walls and ceilings. An estranged family.

This, all in one of the mayor of Chicago’s days.

Seems interesting? Starz just started broadcasting a new show called Boss.

The first episode sets out a deep and complex plot that has much promise. Municipal politics has never been so captivating.

The main character, Tom Kane (played by excellent Kelsey Grammer), is the kind of person you love to hate. Despite a deep love for his city, he’s had to compromise with the private sector to keep the city (and his career) going.

In the background, there’s his family: his cold but ambitious wife and a caring daughter (a priest and drug addict) who’s the only one to see something’s wrong with her dad.

The episode gets all these plot points across in the space of an episode and hints at further complications. There’s a ton of new TV out there but I think this one is worth it. It has already been renewed for a second season.


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