Sunday Roundup

… that really is a Monday roundup because today is Thanksgiving (in Canada). Which am spending alone and turkey-less and working. (But don’t worry about me–I’m fine :))

So I’ve been really busy in the past few weeks but I found some interesting stuff for you to read anyway.

On Hummingbird604…

I saw Visions of Vancouver. Great set of plays with interesting form (focuses on voice, not movement), and I saw a couple of actors I’ve seen on TV before, in Endgame and Sanctuary.
The team went to a beer launch at Granville Island Breweries. Beer! Cheese! Information about malt! I had a great evening and you should totally try the beers.
I went to a design exhibit. The location was a bit sketchy (DTES) but I discovered that design work is a lot like writing: lots of trials, errors and revisions.
I saw Broken Social Scene at their last Canadian concert. I used to listen to them a lot as an undergrad and I heard some songs again with pleasure. Someone throwing something at me was NOT pleasurable, however.

About digital books and stuff…

Google publishes the Dead Sea Scroll Project. Now that’s what I call awesome. One of the beauties of digitization: you can make any old thing (or VERY old thing) available to everyone with access to a computer. No need to visit dusty archives anymore!
A competitive analysis between iPad and Kindle Fire. First, the Kindle Fire won’t be available in Canada for a while, and second, I probably won’t be getting one, but it’s still interesting.
Matthew Ingram writes about the future of digital books, as usual. This one is about the possibility of a totally free Kindle (albeit ad-supported) and what that would do to the publishing industry. Now where’s that novel I want to write?
Awesome analysis by BookTwo about the new value of text in the social context. Now that’s what I call interesting thoughts about books that still preserve the value of literature. Go James Bridle!
The New Yorker thinks about digital books, too. I don’t know if I’ve featured this one before, but if I haven’t then here it is. And if I have, well, sorry about that :p
And a last one by Sam Harris because I love this topic. It talks about how people increasingly expect written content for free. But writers still need to make a living, so how do we deal with that?

Web writing and content

Ghostwriter Dad gives you tips to cut your writing time. Depending on your field some of it might be borderline unethical but it doesn’t matter in some cases.
Rahel Bailie describes how writing isn’t about the 4 Cs anymore. She’s one of the foremost experts on content management and she lives in Vancouver. Neat!
A little motivation. If we run the show, why haven’t we taken over the world already?


Raincoaster talks George Carlin and Occupy Wall Street. I’ll be at Occupy Vancouver for sure, if even for just an hour or two. Something is happening here.
In the same vein, Anthony deRosa (Reuters) says we shouldn’t dismiss the movement. The mainstream media is doing its best to discredit it, but social media is counteracting it.
Some thoughts about the current state of undergraduate education in the US. There’s a certain bias here, but I need to agree that universities are increasingly selling to the lowest common denominator… and charging more for it. Fight grade inflation!

And that’s all for this week folks… enjoy your day off!



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2 responses to “Sunday Roundup

  1. Thanks for including me in the roundup. Apparently OccupyVancouver is already contentious, with various activist groups vying to control it. Since it started in an Anonymous chat, yeah, good luck with that, people.

    We live in interesting times.

    • Anabelle

      My pleasure :)

      Well it’s pretty contentious everywhere but I think that those who aren’t part of these groups (like me) won’t accept letting it be controlled by anyone. And this city can sometimes be surprisingly shallow, however I expect this will bring out a lot of people.

      Indeed we do… one day my children will ask me: what happened during the Occupy Wall Street thing? Were you there? Tell us!

      Or so I hope.

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