In Honour of Steve Jobs

Another man lost to cancer, too young, way too young.

I can’t say that Steve Jobs ever inspired me personally, but his influence on the world is undeniable. I’ve only recently jumped to the Mac ship, and I’m glad I did. I’m not a crazy fan girl nor am I a big techie, but I appreciate both the design of the products and their functionality.

My first contact with a Mac was in 1997, when I took a computer arts class in high school. We worked on 80’s-era Macintosh machines with black-and-white screens. The library had much better computers, and so did I at home, but the school didn’t have money to buy a new computer lab strictly for the computer arts class.

This was actually the last year that they used these old Macintosh computers; the next year it had a fresh set of brand-new iMacs.

Steve Jobs didn’t change my life. But his products are definitely awesome. What I admire most about Apple is its ability to gather a team that’s dedicated to making not only products that work well, but also that are visually appealing.

Apple made being a nerd cool, and I’ve never regretted switching last year.

Steve, I hope you get to hang out with Jack. You two have a lot in common.


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