Twitter Story of the Day


TwicePix on Flickr. Creative Commons license.

I now have a personal goal of writing at least one Twitter story every day. Here’s today’s, if you missed it on my Twitter feed:

“The train is coming, look!” her friend said. When she turned back, her friend was gone, and an old lady was screaming.

Writing Twitter stories is difficult but it keeps me focused on the essential part of storytelling: action. What’s the turning point of your story? What sentence or passage contains the entire story in a few words? Twitter helps put the essential in perspective. Can you explain your story in 5 seconds?

I’m curious. What do you get from this story, and from yesterday’s? Does it convey enough meaning to bring out emotions in my readers? I am absolutely open to criticism and comments. I am only starting into fiction and I want to get as much feedback as I can, so please don’t be shy.

Now I think I should have used “an old woman screamed” instead of “an old lady was screaming”. The beauty of editing and the curse of writer’s perfectionism.

Anyway, your turn now!


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