Sunday Roundup–September 18th to 24th

Good Sunday everyone! I hope you enjoyed probably the last warm Saturday of the year in Vancouver… and if you’re elsewhere, well, I hope the weather was kind to you as well.

On Hummingbird604…

This week was absolutely insane. Along with all the Social Media Week stuff (see summaries here, here and here), I went to a bunch of events (not all of my posts are out right now though)

True Love Lies at the Cultch. Great play if you can catch it before it goes at the end of the week!
Eat! Fraser Valley. That was last Friday but the post came out later this week. Great food!
I went to the ballet. This is only the giveaway post, with my review post to come later today. It was beautiful and moving.

Tech, web, social media…

This GigaOm post explores the issues of privacy with the Web 3.0. As people use social media more and more, more and more of our lives are being exposed for all to see. Do we need guidelines to use that information?
Speaking of ethics: it’s a great time to study applied philosophy. Rob Cottingham writes (and draws) about the potential ethics issues we will have soon.
I’m starting to fall in love in Matthew Ingram’s coverage of electronic publishing. This is a fascinating field and I wonder why more academics aren’t putting their head to it.
Stephanie Bennis reflects about connecting, the social space and technology. Is the technological mediation of our personal communications hurting our relationships?
I’ve lately become interested in what social media can do for society aside from selling useless stuff to people. This article is a great introduction to the new field of “social good”.

Writing and blogging…

Write to Done presents a post about how to build “writer’s endurance”. Nothing new here that experienced writers don’t know, but it’s a good refresher.
Ghostwriter Dad is writing the ultimate blogging guide. Again, nothing that hasn’t already been said, but all put together succinctly and efficiently. If buying blogging books bother you, this post is a good start.
The ebook has increased the number of readers in the US. That’s a good thing, right?

Academia and the crisis of the humanities

Don’t be fooled by the title: this article clarifies a great deal about what we can do as humanists. Everyone, not just academics, should read this.

All right everyone, hope these readings are interesting and/or useful. Lots of interesting stuff coming up this week (I’m hoping to get an interview with someone occupying Wall Street soon), so stay tuned!



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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. You have a great collection of blog posts here!

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