Color Shift Eye by Bare Minerals (review)

If you didn’t already know, I love make-up. In the same shopping trip when I bought the Tarte True Blood case, I also got myself a little glitter from Bare Minerals.

Bare Minerals has a lot of kits available at Sephora, so I bought the one that included that new eyeshadow they came up with this fall: Color Shift eye.

The kit comes with the eyeshadow, a brush, mascara, a lip gloss and blush. I’m just going to review the brush (because it’s awesome) and the eyeshadow (because it’s an original product).

The basic idea of the Color Shift eye is that it changes color with a little buffing. In the bottle, the powder looks gold. It remains so when applied loosely, but if you blend it into your skin, it turns blue.

To be honest, I’ve had trouble keeping the gold color when I actually apply it to my eyelids. It turns blue pretty quickly. It’s a pale blue that looks almost grey in some lights. I also had creasing problems after a long day of wearing it. Maybe if I used a primer it would hold better.

My favourite part of the kit has been the brush. The slim, tapered end is great for precision work and for lining the eyes. The blending end is perfect for the crease and for blending dark eyeliners.

The concept of Color Shift eye is interesting: two complimentary colors in one bottle. However, it’s a bit hard to keep the gold as even just a little bit of blending turns it blue. Lucky I have another gold powder, because I like the mix of gold and blue–I have blue eyes and a warm complexion.


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