(Belated) Happy Birthday, @hummingbird604

There is no way I can describe how much my life has changed since I started working for Raul Pacheco, aka Hummingbird604. I’ve met so many amazing people in Vancouver, attended many events and seen many things I’d never thought I’d do in my life. And it’s not over yet!

Raul Pachego Vega  - Northern Voice 2011

Raul Pacheco Vega - Northern Voice 2011 (on Flickr under CC license)

Anyway, it was Raul’s birthday yesterday and I didn’t have a second to post anything about his birthday, except on Twitter. It was an insane day (and the week is not over yet!) and I’m really sorry I didn’t get to it earlier.

So a happy belated birthday to a fantastic academic, amazing friend and awesome boss. My very best for the next year and all the years to come.

You light up every life you touch with your enthusiasm, your love of life and your enlightened view of the world. Thank you so much for being who you are!



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3 responses to “(Belated) Happy Birthday, @hummingbird604

  1. Just a few days ago, taking the Main Street bus going north, I looked to my left and saw the Main/Fraser bus going south, and through the two bus windows, I could see Raul sitting there on his phone tapping away! Never waste a moment. Anyway, I’m very happy for Raul’s blog, his involvement with NetworkHub, the local tech and blogging communities, and all his giveaways.

    It’s clear from everything you done in the past few weeks that you have been totally up for throwing yourself into all those new situations.

    • Thanks for the post, Anabelle, and sorry for the very late reply. I’m right now in Campbell River catching up on all my blogging (and academic work, etc.)

      I’m glad you like working for me. I know it’s challenging, I also know it’s not an easy job. But clearly you’ve been up for the challenge. Stay strong, because the worst is yet to come! :) The past few weeks have been the easy part.

      If working for me leaves you anything, I hope it is that blogging should be done with ethics, sensibility, a sense of social responsibility, selflessness and love. That’s how I approach everything in my life, and I hope it’s a lesson I’ve been able to pass on.

      Many hugs and thanks so much again. Also, chocolate is never a necessity but it’s always nice to get it as a birthday gift ;)

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