Sunday Roundup–September 11th to 17th, 2011

Yeah I know I skipped my roundup last week–just too exhausted from a day on Granville Island.

But routine is one of the best tools for disciplined production of blog posts, so here we go:

On Hummingbird604…

Got myself some chocolate swag. There’s a Reese Mini giveaway going on… you might want to enter.
I saw a musical that made me cry from the first song. It’s a musical about bipolar disorder and I couldn’t stop thinking about how my father didn’t get a chance to heal. He didn’t miss.
A couple of weeks ago Jessica and I visited the Portobello West fashion market. There was a LOT of jewelry, but none for guys, unfortunately.
I went to a wine tasting in Gastown. I met a few bloggers and tasted delicious wines, my favourite being Haywire’s Pinot Noir.

In web design and content news…

Great infographic about the basic no-no’s of web design. As a web copywriter I also need to take design in consideration even though I’m no designer. This infographic has great pointers.
Problogger gives tips on how to make posts more shareable. My experience lately has been that my most shared content comes through a bit of luck–the right reader at the right time starting a retweet chain. But you can help it happen, too.
Ghostwriter Dad discusses the reality of the writing business today. While I don’t think everything in this post applies to me, it gives a good perspective on being a writer (and accepting that fact) in today’s world.
I’d Rather Be Writing proposes a writing ability spectrum. Although I do believe that everyone can write, I don’t think everyone can write well. As an ex-academic I’m pretty much at the right end of the spectrum, but there are very bad writers who write books as well.

In the publishing industry…

Matthew Ingram reports on the Google Library project. What constitutes “fair use”? How close are we getting to a society where knowledge is open-source, no more controlled by publishers for the sake of money?
The ebook is such a new medium and yet has changed more often than printed books themselves. Rethinking the ebook means that we’ve already figured it out… have we? I still want to see some scholarly research defining the ebook within the publishing, communication and literary fields before we start “rethinking” it.

Here’s my roundup for the week. Anything to say about any of these topics?

Also, do you enjoy these roundups? Are they useful (or in webspeak, are they “well-curated”?)


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