My Personal Education Plan

Ever since I left grad school, I’ve been a bit at a loss to find what I want to do with my life. I’ve been forced to rethink my life path and to try to focus on what I can achieve outside of academia.

Moving outside of a structured learning and development environment doesn’t mean I have to stop learning new things. I can’t let my intellectual development stagnate simply because I’m out of the traditional institution of learning.

So I’ve decided to take my learning in my own hands by building my personal education plan. There are several things I want to learn:

  • Social media management
  • Internet marketing
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Web copywriting
  • Content management

I’ve gotten started on a few of these, including InDesign and Internet marketing. I’ve done some web copywriting as well and have read two books about content management. My ultimate goal is to develop hireable skills for the internet marketing, online publishing or social media communications fields. There’s no point for me to get a “formal” education in any of these fields–the idea of going back to undergrad classes really doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve enough formal education as it is.

The most difficult part is doing this without a defined structure and while working for my current clients and Hummingbird604. It’s slower than when following a syllabus, that’s for sure. Without a course structure, it’s very difficult to keep up with my goals. But I try to do a little bit every week.

Maybe I should build myself a personal syllabus with due dates and assignments? Has anyone tried doing something like this?



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