10 Days of Glitch (review)

Have you heard of Glitch?

I hadn’t either before I attended the Creative Mornings talk earlier this month, where the co-founder of Flickr Stewart Butterfield presented his new project, a social game called Glitch.

As soon as I got home I requested a space as a beta tester, and it took a few weeks to come but it did come. In a nutshell, Glitch is a task-based social game with elements of RPG. You collect things, sell them for money or make other things with them, fulfill quests and learn new skills. You can customize your character by getting new hairdos, clothes, accessories, etc.

It’s also a social game: you can make friends, exchange or give items, visit poetry gatherings, sell your stuff on auction and travel as a group. I haven’t played too much with the social part of it though.

It didn’t take me very long to fall in love with Glitch. The visuals are stunning, the writing is imaginative and irreverent at the same time and the quests are engrossing. I’ve collected more pieces of grain than I can count…

Glitch is a great example of an online game that doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s suitable for both kids and adults and I could see myself playing quite a bit on it (I’ve accumulated more than 11 hours in my first 10 days).

It’s hard to give it a full-on review as the game is currently closed for an update (which means that I’ll lose all my progress). But the little time I spent on it really intrigued me, and I look forward to seeing the completed version when it officially comes out.

Are you a beta tester on Glitch? What do you think?



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2 responses to “10 Days of Glitch (review)

  1. Thanks Annabelle! As someone who has been working on Glitch for almost two years now, it often seems like it’s never “good enough”. But, when I read reviews like yours, I know that what we’ve been doing is good and right and makes people happy.

    There will always be work to do on it, and we will always be making things better. It’s because of players like yourself, and a dedication to the “end vision”, that I come back to work on it every day. And it is *hard* work.

    See you in the game when we open again next week!

    • Anabelle

      Than you for your visit!
      I’m glad my review makes you want to do your job, because you do it very well. I wish I could have been on the writing team for that one, for sure! But in any case I enjoy the game very much, and if it’s anything like people enjoying your writing, then even one person being happy with it is reward enough.

      Thanks for your great work!

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