True Blood Eyeshadow Case by Tarte (review)

On Friday September 9th I had something like 3.5 hours to kill between the media premiere of Trouble in Tahiti, a play for Fringe (see my review here) and my boyfriend coming in town for the weekend, so I headed downtown for a bit of window shopping.

The “window” became actual shopping as, against my better judgement, I walked into Sephora at the Pacific Centre.

I used to be a makeup addict as a teenager. I had a bit of acne, and in high school I also thought that starting to use makeup and being fashionable would make me cooler (it didn’t). A bit into my early 20s, I stopped bothering with makeup altogether since I realized that 1. it made my skin worse and 2. it wouldn’t bring me any friends. But one of the first web sites I ever coded was a makeup trends and tips site.

This city does things to you. It brought me back into fashion and cosmetics with a vengeance. Long story short, at Sephora I saw this:

Shiny. True Blood-themed. By Tarte, an environmentally-friendly cosmetic company who avoids mineral oils, parabens and other harmful chemicals. 17 shades of eye shadow with a mascara, an eyelid primer and an eyeliner. Value: 400$. Price: 68$. Comes with tutorials for 4 different looks. Best thing about it: the case.

I’ve just used some of the colors yesterday for an event, and I must say I was pleased with the quality of the color. They didn’t crease even after 8 hours of wearing. The aqua-gel eyeliner was a pleasure to apply and left a cool sensation on my eyelids.

With so many colors, all perfect for the new fall season, you’ll always have something that matches your outfits. You can use one of the four looks provided by True Blood’s award-winning makeup artist, or invent your own.

I don’t think I’ll wear much of the blue, yellow or green, but I have a lot of pink and purple stuff this season that goes perfectly well with the palette.

There were only a few left on Friday, so you might want to head down to your closest Sephora soon if you want to grab one!


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