A day on Granville Island (reviews and thoughts)

On Saturday August 10th, I spent the day on Granville Island to attend two Fringe plays, Fortunate Son and Big Shot. (You can see reviews respectively here and here.)

Granville Island had always been a place I’d wanted to visit whenever I came in town between 2008 and 2010 and never got to see, so I was happy to finally get a reason to go.

Yes, it’s cramped, touristy and crazy (especially during festivals like Fringe), but it’s also a great spot to find fine farmer’s market food, crafty and artsy stuff and indie shows always playing, Fringe or not Fringe.

We were starving after the first play, so we had lunch at Cat’s Social House right behind Studio 1398. It was quick and convenient and we didn’t feel like walking around to find another restaurant.

The menu was simple and straightforward. I had the roasted tomato linguine (half-plate) with blackened chicken. The chicken was a bit spicy for my taste, but that’s the usual way to make blackened chicken. The pasta was good and left me extra tomatoes to put on my bread.

The highlight of the meal was the pink sangria. Sweet, refreshing and delicious: a definite must if you want drinks on a weekend afternoon on Granville Island.

After our meal, we wandered around the island, visiting the Granville Island Toy Factory store (ask me about the one thing you’ll never see Jedis do…) and other stores in the Kid’s Market and wandering the Farmer’s Market in search of a bottle of water (not as easy as it seems).

We then hopped on the AquaBus for a quick trip to Yaletown; I wanted to take my love to a hat store I’d noticed on Hamilton last time I was there (he loves hats). After a few drinks at Earls, we headed back on the AquaBus to meet with Lois and her friends at the Dockside restaurant.

I’m not going to review Dockside because I only had small shrimp entrée, but one thing it has is a view. Lois had made reservations for the patio and it’s one of the nicest I’ve seen, Montréal included (Montréal doesn’t have these kinds of views anyway).

There was a wedding reception when we were there, and I can understand why the space is attractive. Beautiful outdoor furniture, a great view of Yaletown and the downtown core, and an excellent food choice. If I had any budget for my own wedding (and didn’t have to do it in Montréal considering all my family is there) I might consider it!

We headed back home after Big Shot, exhausted but happy with our day. I look forward to future events on Granville Island, except maybe for the fact that it’s a b*tch to get to by transit. Translink should think about an easier way for people to get there, especially those coming on the Millenium or Expo Line from Burnaby for whom taking the 50 is actually a detour.



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3 responses to “A day on Granville Island (reviews and thoughts)

  1. The easiest way on the Millennium Line is probably to take the train to the VCC-Clark stop, and then hook up with the #84. That will get you close to the main entrance. The main problem is that the #84 is only an every 15-20 minute bus.

    I’ve been to Dockside a few times and I feel confident saying the food is great! But best with 2-for-1 coupons. I love the view too. I really like Cat’s also (and Agro Cafe, and the market – I guess I just like the options on Granville Island).

    • Anabelle

      That’s the way we used but yeah, the 15-20 mins thing is annoying, especially at night. We took a taxi back to VCC and went from there.

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