Thank You (Not-So-Frivolous Friday)

I want to take a moment to thank every single one of you reading my blog.

Thank you

When I first started blogging (in 2002 with LiveJournal, can you imagine? If you’re curious and want to see how bad my English was before I moved West, here it is), I usually didn’t assume much of an audience. My blog was more or less a public diary.

However, my blog has now become a public thing that I try to make useful to readers through my reviews and thoughts. And it wouldn’t be successful without those who read it and comment on my posts and share them on Facebook, Twitter and G+.

I’ve received several compliments lately about my writing style and I’ve even been retweeted a few times. Even though some more seasoned bloggers take those retweets for granted, I am amazed and thankful for every single one I get. Because I’m not in it for popularity–there are enough Vancouver bloggers for that, and I have no ambition outside of just being interesting. I like to have more readers, for sure, but I’m not in this for the swag.

I simply love to write. Academia had taken that love away and turned writing into a chore, and yet I’ve never written so much than since I left the academic world. In first grade I got a diary and started writing words I didn’t even know how to spell. In 4th grade I wrote a story about a single mother and her daughter who had to move around because they couldn’t pay the rent. In high school I wrote Star Wars fan fiction.

Where is this going? Just that I’ve always loved to write. Even though I don’t feel ready or willing to pursue the fiction route right now, this blog lets me explore different kinds of writing and share my passions and discoveries with like-minded people. I enjoy writing every single post you read and I hope you enjoy reading them too.

Most writing in this world is meant to be read, and without readers it has no life. So thank you for giving life to my words.



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2 responses to “Thank You (Not-So-Frivolous Friday)

  1. Being grateful is such a lost art. And I am very glad that you do not take for granted any retweets or reads of your blog. I certainly do not and I have been in the space for a very long time. I am always grateful. It is hard to give individual thanks when the size of my readership has become so large. But I am ALWAYS grateful.

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