On Popularity. Or Paperwork. Whatever.

I’ve just spent the last two hours or so filling out paperwork… Not an especially fun activity but at least I had True Blood (and Lost Girl, and Star Trek: TNG) to accompany me. Well, my TV diet is officially broken… at least for today.

I know Tuesdays are supposed to be thoughtful but today my brain doesn’t feel much like it. I just noticed a rather high spike is my readership these past two days… about a 200% raise. I don’t mean to boast–in pure numbers, it’s still pretty low, and honestly I’m grateful for every single reader, even though I probably don’t know most of you!

I know that part of this sudden popularity comes with working with hummingbird604 and being more present on Twitter. However, much of me is still that shy, unpopular high school girl whose only attention from peers was derision and mockery.

I know that high school is high school, and yet a part of me still fears that all my current social interactions will fall apart at one point or another–usually sooner than later. Getting rid of this fear has been the work of the past 10 years and is still not complete.

So now I’m putting this question to you: why are you reading me today? What brings you back if it’s not your first time?


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