Sunday Roundup

Lots of stuff this week, let’s start with HB604 stuff and posts elsewhere:

I reviewed False Pretences. A traditional comedy from one of England’s most beloved sitcom writers.
Here’s a giveaway! Middle Eastern fusion music show with belly dancers this Thursday.
Do you like acrobats? Another giveaway for a Fringe acrobatic show that is both funny and dangerous.
I visited a couple of bars. This is my new blog project, let me know what you think!

About writing:

Encouraging other writers is important. Writing can be a hard and lonely life, but you’re not alone. Thanks to social media, we can all share and discuss together.
Diversify your networking circle. As creatives we like to hang out with other creatives, but you can gain knowledge and contacts by moving outside of your comfort zone.
Write Better offers a great post about SEO and web readers-friendly writing. You can never read enough about the topic.
More about writing for the web. A bit thin on the theory, but good general tips.
One type of blog post for every week of the year. Not that I plan on doing a webinar anytime soon.

Lots in the world of education and journalism this week:

Science, arts, social media and teaching. Interesting thoughts about the lack of computer programming skills taught in school–is programming more important than software usage in the long run?
I like it when people do awesome things with classic books. Who wants to work on an interactive Middlemarch with me?
Academic publishing is making tons of money while not contributing to the maintenance of universities. Maybe one of the reasons why academia is in such trouble right now is that its outlets is making a ton of money off its back without giving back.
Newspapers must embrace the social media evolution. Have newspapers become obsolete? Is television journalism going the same way?
More about the state of journalism. I’m no journalist myself, can anyone chime in on the topic?

Random stuff to end this long list:

Crafty cakes. Edible yarn? I’m all for it!
This makes me happy. Not hiding my political bias here…
China bans songs. Nothing surprising there, but why would they bother to ban insipid American pop music?


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