Finding the Best Poutine in Vancouver–Hub Restaurant

Before heading to my first VLAFF movie last night (check for upcoming review on HB604), I decided to have dinner in Yaletown to see how more high-brow restaurants handled my favourite comfort food.

Hub Poutine

Poutine at Hub Restaurant

After checking a couple of menus and reviews, I decided on Hub Restaurant on Mainland. It’s one of the more casual places in Yaletown so I didn’t feel out of place going there with clothes that cost less than 500$.

The poutine is part of the “snacks” menu and comes with bacon. It was served fast enough for a non fast food restaurant. However, the poutine left a little bit to be desired. First, the cheese curds weren’t fresh–they didn’t squeak and they had the waxy appearance of not fresh curds.They were also a bit cold and didn’t melt really well. And there wasn’t a lot of them.

The gravy was tasty enough–not too salty but beef-based rather than herb-based. Again, maybe not enough of it; I was left with a couple of un-gravied fries at the end of my meal.

Fries were decent enough, but fries aren’t hard to mess up. Typical restaurant fries. The bacon didn’t add much to it; the gravy easily overpowered the taste of bacon. The green onions were also not necessary–putting them on a poutine doesn’t make it any fancier!

I was very hungry so I ate all of it, but for a poutine it was kind of disappointing. I will, however, go back and try other items on their menu!

Score: I give this poutine a middling 4/10.

Hub Restaurant
1165 Mainland, at Davie


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