The TV Diet–Day 4

Today was a hard day to be on a TV diet. I had a bad episode of labyrinthitis, which means the only thing I could really do was stay in bed and try my hardest to make the world stop moving. I can’t concentrate for very long and my brain felt sluggish all day.

I honestly just watched one TV episde–Big Brother again. I had to go out this evening and all I wanted was to crash in bed and watch True Blood and Eureka and Warehouse 13. But I didn’t. I read instead.

Lesson 2: Most TV is a dulling activity, meant to make you forget, much like consuming alcohol or drugs.

This detox isn’t easy. My new food diet isn’t easy either, and maybe doing both at the same time wasn’t such a good idea. I want to forget how sluggish I feel, how unproductive I was today. I want to forget how much work I have to do in the next 15 days and yet it must be done.Forgetting about it won’t make it go away.

Reading is a healthier pastime in matters of forgetting so I’m going to stick to that for now. And sleep early, as I’m headed to Creative Mornings Vancouver for some inspiration and mingling among creatives in this town.


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