The TV Diet–Day 3

An appointment downtown this morning messed my schedule up… I actually needed to put makeup on, so I couldn’t do much work before I left.

Today I only watched the pilot of I Just Want My Pants Back (which I will not watch again), this morning, before going downtown.

I started to feel cravings today… cravings to just lie down in my bed and watch TV until I fell asleep. Instead, I read a lot, did two lessons of my InDesign book and read some more. I didn’t write much, no articles and no blog posts for HB604. I know I’ll catch up tomorrow, though.

I realized how dependent I am on my schedule to produce anything. If something happens in the day, especially in the morning, it puts me off and I can’t seem to get anything done.

Lesson 1: Protect your writing schedule, fiercely.

I’ve read this tip in many writing books, but I never actually needed to enforce it. I will have start now. If my best productivity is in the morning, then of course going somewhere in the morning is going to throw me off for the entire day.

So tomorrow is back to the page. I have an interesting project coming in as well and I need to get started on it.

But right now my legs are hurting way too much and I need new glasses. So to bed and to finish Game of Thrones we go.




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3 responses to “The TV Diet–Day 3

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  2. Jo

    First time visiting your blog. Not a comment on this entry, but a quick note about a typo on your web page header “Toughts” = “Thoughts”?

    Nice blog.

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