The TV Diet–Day 2

You know what? Today I didn’t watch any TV.


I got up, went for my jogging, had a shower, ate, worked, went for groceries, worked some more, had dinner, had a business meeting on Skype and worked some more.

I didn’t have time for TV. And that was a good thing. I wrote my daily article quota, some blog posts for HB604 and a good one for here, cooked a great leg of lamb roast and went through the first lesson in the InDesign book.

It’s close to 10h30 now and I go to bed at 11, so there’s no time for TV at all. My day was full and fulfilling and I don’t feel guilty about losing X hours watching television.

This might be the best decision I’ve made a while.

To my fellow TV dieters–how are you doing? Are you struggling? I do feel the call but I’ve tried very hard to focus on my work.. hence my earlier post about focusing.



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3 responses to “The TV Diet–Day 2

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  2. I don’t have a TV at home, so only watch it a bit when I am traveling or occasionally when visiting a friend. However, I’m astonishingly adept at finding other time-wasting mechanisms!

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