The TV Diet–Day 1

Well, here I am after day 1 of my TV diet… and I don’t feel so bad. Actually, I was more productive than I’ve been in weeks.

I was finished my daily quota of 5 articles by noon and had written a bunch of blog posts for Hummingbird604 and a job cover letter by 2PM. Then, I spent some time reading my RSS feeds and selecting interesting posts for my Sunday Roundup. This lasted until 3PM. And then, I sat down in my chair and finished this book.

Young Woman Reading--Jean-Honoré Fragonard, 1776

Young Woman Reading--Jean-Honoré Fragonard, 1776

I’d forgotten how much I love reading.

Today I kept to my objective–1 TV episode. I watched last night’s Big Brother. I feel so horrible for Jordan… I’ve never seen her so angry before, and she has a right to be. Hopefully Rachel can get her stuff together and win a damn competition.

Well, in any case I’m not here to review Big Brother, so let’s go back to my topic–the TV diet.

I find it extremely hard as I’ve started a food diet at the same time and TV is a good way to help me forget about how much I’m craving carbs right now. And yet I soldier on.

For example, instead of watching TV right now I’m writing this post and making business contacts. And tomorrow, instead of watching TV, I will write my article quota, more blog posts for HB604 and this blog, and read some more.

How did I come to lose interest in books and reading so quickly? Television is an easy way to relax and get taken away in a story, but I never thought about giving up a good book for some television. I wonder what happened…

Food for further thought as the week goes.


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3 responses to “The TV Diet–Day 1

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  2. This is a really neat concept–a TV diet. It’s good to look at your life holistically and “diet” our what’s not good for you and for many of us that involves too much TV or technology in general. I just recently canceled my cable because the bills were out of control. Looks like I’m doing my TV diet cold turkey!

    • Anabelle

      Thank you! Indeed it is… In wanting to do everything I want to achieve, there’s only so many hours of TV I can afford to watch.

      Yeah cable gets expensive… however cable isn’t needed for a TV addiction as I download everything on my computer. That’s how it started, though.

      Good luck with your own diet and let me know how it goes!

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