TV Diet Challenge–Introduction

My TV addiction isn’t that old. As an undergrad I watched very little TV, and only in binges. I read a lot–most of my free time was spent reading actually. Since I started grad school, however, I started watching much more TV as I ended up (weirdly) with more free time and less stuff to read (and also a TV with cable that came with our first house in Victoria).

Since I moved to Vancouver and left my PhD, I’ve been meaning to teach myself web design, Internet marketing and how to use the Adobe suite.

Ask me if I’ve started any of these projects… Go on, ask me.

TV stoffen met plumeau / Dusting the television with a feather-brush


I’ve read an Internet marketing book and started another one. But I have not touched web design or Adobe yet. Why? I watch a whole damn lot of TV.

I won’t bore you with the list of shows I watch… It’s pretty minimal right now anyway as it’s the summer season. But TV is eating away a lot of my time that could be spent upgrading and expanding my skills, blogging more, writing more.

So starting tomorrow (Monday), I am putting myself on a TV diet. Only one episode per day on weekdays, and as much as I want on weekends.

Every day this week I will write a post about my TV detox, so subscribe to my email list or RSS for updates on a new kind of diet…

TV Diet: Day 1

TV Diet: Day 2

TV Diet: Day 3

TV Diet: Day 4

TV Diet: Day 5




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